Bill makes and repairs musical instruments, and has done so for 30 years. Clients include major orchestras in the North West, Local Authorities and many talented, and sometimes famous, musicians.

Please contact us for a quote, on a musical instrument repair.

All repairs are covered by a three month guarantee.

Brass Instrument Sevice and Repairs 
Service to a brass instruments includes small dent removal, but larger dents are not included in a service and will cost more.
Woodwind Service and Repairs
A woodwind service includes: 
  • a light clean
  • pad, key cork/felt and spring replacement as necessary
  • leaks cured
  • pads re-seated
  • lubricated and regulated to good playing order
A woodwind re-pad includes:
  • a light clean
  • a full strip down
  • key corks/felts renewed as necessary
  • all pads replaced
  • lubricated and regulated to good playing order
A complete woodwind overhaul includes:
  • a full strip down and clean
  • all pads, key corks/felts and tenon corks renewed
  • lubricated and regulated to good playing order
Guitar Service and Repairs

To get the best from your guitar it must be set up to suit your playing style and preferences. A Guitars playability is not just about string height It’s about the way a guitar feels when you play. Factors that affect the action include the amount of neck relief, the nut height, as well as the string height. We can setup your guitar to suit your playing preferences and style of play, we recommend a guitar has at least one professional setup each year. A normal setup includes:

  • full evaluation of guitar
  • checks and fixes to any loose frets
  • polish of frets
  • adjustments to neck relief
  • checks and adjustments of nut slots - lubricate with graphite (if required)
  • clean and lubrication of bridge
  • adjustment to tremolo action to owner's preferences (if required)
  • checks and adjustments to bridge saddles
  • set bridge height
  • set intonation
  • adjust pickup height (if required)
  • checks and tightening of all screws
  • lemon-oil applied to rosewood fretboard if necessary
  • clean and polish of guitar body
  • fit new strings
  • tune and check for good playing order
  • A fret dress, if required, will be carried out for an additional charge after consultation with the owner

Our full guitar repair service include the following:

  • Replacing bridges, saddles and top nuts
  • Full or partial refrets
  • Repair to broken neck/headstocks
String Instrument String Service and Repair

Replacing your strings and adjusting the bridge and soundpost can dramatically improve the sound of your instrument. Prices vary depending on the quality of the components.

We can also undertake the following:

  • fit new pegs
  • repair cracks to instrument body
  • repair broken necks and peg box


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Bill makes and repairs musical instruments, and has done so for 30 years. Clients include major o..
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